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Coffee With Tonya and Weekly Giveaway!

****Giveaway over Congratulations to Karen Such Surprenant for winning this week gift card on Tuesday Coffee With Tonya blog!If you want a chance to win the weekly giveaway, be sure to sign up at my website by subscribing.​***
Happy Tuesday!! I wanted to thank everyone for the awesome birthday wishes. I went to my parents on Friday and spent the night there. The next day, we celebrated with family and watched a few ballgames. This is where I have to say GO CATS!!! As in Kentucky Wildcats because they won our SEC Conference Tournament. How about that for a birthday present?!
Since NKU Basketball lost our Horizon League Tournament and didn't make it to the NCAA, we still get to go to the NIT. It's pretty exciting! Jack and the rest of the team gathered at the coach's house to watch the selection process. I bet that was fun for him! AND...NKU plays Louisville! Of course we are going tonight and I can't wait! Go Norse!
BUT....back to the birthday! Other than …
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Tuesday Coffee with Tonya and Weekly Gift Card Giveaway

Well heck. I thought for sure I'd be writing this from Detroit, Michigan instead of my couch in Kentucky. I was even booked in the casino! Which I dreamed I'd won the big million dollar prize....


Why would I be hoping to be in Detroit and not sunny Florida? The Horizon League Basketball Tournament rooting on Northern Kentucky University since we were ranked number one and were the season champs.

The pictures above is the last home game. My parents and my sister and brother-in-law went to every game to root on the Norse, specifically, Jack!

All of us were so excited to go to Detroit because last year we won the entire tournament and played UK in the NCAA tournament. Boy...was I torn last year because of my love of UK, but both are my alma mater. Still....I rooted for NKU last year, and we lost to UK. We didn't care! We got to the big dance!

Guess what....NKU lost to the number 8 and we are still so shocked and stunned. We won't get a bid to the NCAA, but we do have a spo…

Tuesday Morning Coffee with Tonya and Weekly Giveaway

Geez louise! Eddy has always got to be doing something! He is an electrician and very handy all around. He can build anything, including an entire house. There's a problem with this...he's a perfectionist.

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NO JOKE! If you were to knock a hole in one of our walls, the wires all are nice and neat, clipped together with zip ties. It's gorgeous!

Here's the issue...there's always a project going on in our house. We moved into our house about six years ago when all four of my boys were in sports and high school. I was driving six different car pools. When I was driving car pool to lacrosse at the high school, I noticed there was a house that went up for sale a street over. There's amazing lakes and fishing along with about an acre of land! Granted, the house wasn't my dream home, but duh! I've got Eddy!

This got me out o…